Fix My Speaker 🔊

Get water and dust out of speakers by playing sound.

Eject 💦 water from your phone’s speakers after getting it wet.

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Sound 1 (4 minutes)

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Sound 2 (8 minutes)

Tap or click the button above to activate blower

  1. Disconnect from any Bluetooth speaker or earbuds if you’re using them.
  2. Turn up the volume to the max.
  3. Tap to listen to the sound to the end to get the water out.
  4. Play the sound 2-3 times If the sound does not work, put your phone in a closed rice bag for the whole day or send it to an expert.

How Fix My Speaker Works?

Have you ever accidentally dropped your phone in water? It can be a frustrating experience that can potentially damage your phone’s hardware, especially the speakers. But don’t worry, there is a solution to fix your speaker and phone!

Using sound to get water out of your phone is a quick and effective method to clean and dry your phone’s speakers. By playing a specific tone, the sound waves generate vibrations that can easily eject the water from the speakers. can remove dust from your phone’s speaker and earpods. The web app plays the same sound that Apple uses in its Apple watch’s built-in water ejection feature.

You can check out a video tutorial on how to repair your phone’s speaker and remove water from it. The technique is a free and easy-to-use tool that guarantees to do a good job in expelling water out of your phone. So, you don’t have to worry if your phone accidentally falls into water.

However, if your phone falls into saltwater, it’s best to take it to a specialist to recover it in a professional and safe way. It’s important to keep your phone’s speaker clean and dry to prevent any damage or malfunction.

Why You Need to Clean Your Phone Speakers from Water and Dust

Water and dust can get into your phone speaker through various ways, such as accidental spills, humid environments or dirty pockets. This can cause several issues for your phone and your sound quality, such as:

  • Muffled or distorted sound
  • Reduced volume or clarity
  • Shortened battery life or overheating
  • Corrosion or damage to the speaker components

To prevent these problems from getting worse, you need to clean your phone speaker from water and dust as soon as possible. However, opening up your phone or using tools like toothpicks or cotton swabs can be risky and ineffective. You might end up damaging your phone more than fixing it.

That’s why using sound is a better option. Sound can create vibrations that push out any liquid or debris that is trapped inside your speaker holes. It’s safe, simple and effective.

How to Use Sound to Clean Your Phone Speaker from Water and Dust

To use sound to clean your phone speaker from water and dust, you’ll need an web app that can generate high-frequency sounds. These sounds are beyond the range of human hearing but can create strong vibrations that dislodge any water or dust particles.

Here are the steps to follow once you have opened the website on your phone:

  1. Disconnect from any Bluetooth speaker or earbuds if you’re using them. You want the sound to come out of your phone’s built-in speakers only.
  2. Increase your phone volume to the maximum level. This will ensure that the sound is loud enough to create vibrations that can eject any water or dust.
  3. Tap or Click on “Eject 💦 water” button and wait for 4 mins or more
  4. Repeat this step until you see no more water or dust coming out of your speakers.



One Grain O’ Sand

I was stranded in the middle of the desert about to give up all hope until i remembered this trick existed. I played this noise and to my shock, water just started gushing out! My phone is now and infinite source of water and i’ll never have to worry about dehydration again! Absolutely flawless! 9/10



For those of you who’s skeptical about this don’t be. I just played it twice and then my phone’s speaker is back to its loud and clear state! Thank you for whoever made this.


Nischal B

Wow I played it on loop for like 20 minutes  in max volume and then when I checked the speaker it is actually working as usual, thanks a lot to who ever made this


Anish Plays Guitar

Life changing audio

Not only did this clear my speakers but also helped me escape the matrix


Learn To Lead

Play it twice. Works amazingly well. There is no water left in my speakers as well as ears. 


Rounak Gavhane

It just started raining all of a sudden and my phone got very wet, I was so bumed out because I had to be somewhere with my phone right after but then this website came to my rescue. Thanks whoever made this


James Gilmartin

That’s absolutely incredible… I tried about 4 before this but this one’s seriously powerful… Gradually heard the speakers just pop through with sound!!! Buzzing guys, thanks!!!!


Joydeep Das

Just came here to say it really works. I played once and the speaker started working even better and louder


Anonymous wandermaker

Played this twice and didnt realize that my audio was back to normal, i was so happy and releived when i realized that my speakers are all clear again!!! Thank you!


Rea Mae Flores

I played it 2 times and it really works, and I didn’t expect that. Thank you, it’s a big help. 


It’s Ambbris

OMG SUCH A LIFESAVER, I was listening to some songs in the shower and didn’t realize my phone got wet until the speakers stop working. I was worried and play the sound and it got the water out of my speaker thank you 


Hamza Mehjabin

I have used this for about 2 times and this works like a charm!!! Thanks so much


Sanved Parmarthi

Thank you so very much, like you are the greatest of the greatest, I was so worried when the speakers got wet, the sound was cracking, but thanks to you, its working well again, actually its better than before, you are the real superhero in the life of people. Thank you.



My speaker phone back again normally after drown in the water 30 minutes ago. I played this sound 3 times. Incredible way you shared. Thank you so much !! 


Maridel Arcos

I only played it for 4 minutes .. my phone speakers are good as new … thank you so much!!!


Rebeca Figueras

Thank you so much for this sound! My speakers almost completely stopped working, but after playing this sound twice, its completely fine! Tysm!



Great, my cellphone speakers immediately returned to normal, thank you for the enthusiasm for the content, the main thing is thank you



I doubted this but then I tried it and I still have my hearing because I left it my room for the whole sound and then came back and I could hear perfectly through my speaker again thank you to whoever made this app 


mxm Falcon

Wow , my speakers worked just fine from playing this sound from the first time, thanks 



I’m always getting my phone in water, one way or the other.

I’ve tested multiple occasions and it works like magic. Thank you for this.


Sneha Chettri

You save my life 

Thank you so much I got my speaker back with a  loud and clear volume 

I am so grateful 

I Appreciate you 


Hi Iamhidinginyourwalls

Thank you sooooo much!!

I dropped my phone in the shower and was freaking out so bad

Played this 2 times and the speakers are back to normal, they were fixed after the first play, but just to be sure played the sound twice 

Thank you again, you literally saved me!


Tridha Pandit

Took my phone out in the rain while dancing. Even tried a hair dryer. Didn’t work but this. This is pure gold. In 2:30 minutes it started working perfectly. Thank you


Yara Idk

It was raining and i took the phone to take some pics and it got so wet this sound not only cleared my phones speaker it also made me deaf,thanks alot to whoever made this 



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At first I was unsure if this would work but it absolutely amazing and worth a shot if ur unsure like I was. Play it 3 times and it will be perfect


Twilight 34

Just use this sound along with blow dry the speakers with hairdryer or just use your mouth 

It really works!! This sound is amazing thanks a bunch 


kahn.t 🙂

It worked like magic !! Its true that you need to play it more than 2-3times if required but it will work. Thank you so much  you saved my phone.



I let my phone sit for eight minutes and when I came back I played some music and my ear got blown out by my music thanks you so much for whoever made this



THIS ACTUALY WORKED!! I was just pouring water in my cup when I accidentally poured ALOT. It overflowed and my phone was in the way and sadly hit the speaker. 5:15 in in the first try! Thank you so much!



Thank you bro you are a life saver.

At first I thought it wasn’t working because I cannot see the water coming but when I played a song the sound was perfect